Visioninmusica a Terni



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The versatile artist and radio speaker Nick The Nightfly will open on January 24th the ninth edition of “Visioninmusica” at the Auditorium Gazzoli in Terni, a performance-event which explores genres, languages, different music cultures, without exclusions, a musical journey for all audience levels and kinds, including schools.

And right the famous voice of the radio show “Monte Carlo Nights”, who in fact is a musician and international guitar player in addition of being “character” and artistic director of the “Blue Note” in Milan as well as of the Milano JazzinFestival, will be the protagonist of the first of six events, with “Nice One 5tet”, in the wake of the namesake album. 

So starts the ninth edition of what meanwhile became a well-established appointment, with the support of the local institutions (Municipality of Terni, Province of Terni, Municipality of Narni and Region Umbria) with the attention of all national media. A very good result for the Association “Visioninmusica” which ideates and runs the event since 2004 with the artistic direction by Silvia Alunni; and above all a success formula experimented in the sign of language integration and the involvement of more than one target, including schools. 

The season “Visioninmusica Schools” is dedicated to schools (all, elementary and high schools in Terni) consisting in didactic-recreational lessons followed by live performances, led by the musicians themselves where the students learn how to interact with all musical elements. (continua)